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“I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.” or The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie has something for everyone, and for me that means off the wall goofy comedy. Not campy goofy, mind you, I mean honest to goodness just screw ball stuff. If I had any doubt that the movie was … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS Version)

Graphics/Aesthetic: Though the PS Vita has been ubiquitously considered a flop—let’s call it an underdog, since it has some solid titles—, it is the only other handheld in competition with the 3DS, and, because of this, its library is constantly … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V, or “I’m sorry I took my winkie out!!”

San Andreas, it’s been too long. I miss your sunny days, wide open spaces with diverse culture, your colorful locals and rival gangs. Yes, it’s about time Rockstar went back to the lovely Los Santos, however, it’s had an interesting … Continue reading

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So after picking up the new Saints Row title when it was released, I finally finished it on Monday after putting in a ton of time- it feels a lot longer than The Third to me- and is non-stop fun. … Continue reading

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Final Verdict: Deadpool

It didn’t take me long to beat the game, about 6 hours total probably (although it did stretch out because I never have time) and it never got boring for me. The humorous dialog may get a little repetitious at … Continue reading

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The First Hour: Deadpool, The Game -or- “Metric System? Fuck math”

I picked up Deadpool today for the PC, a little more than hesitantly. Last summer I got interested in Deadpool and I started to read some of his comics, which have been very interesting to say the least, so when … Continue reading

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“Speak up, boy!”

Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 14 The Name of The Doctor Well- what a surprising ending! I’m going to go ahead and say this up front- assume spoilers ahead! So I missed a few episodes this season, not very happy about it, … Continue reading

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