Julia Paganelli graduated from Waynesburg University with a degree in Creative Writing in December 2013. She’s been published in Chautauqua Literary Journal, Connotation Press, and HOOT Literary Magazine. She’s not worried about where life is going. Things are looking up.


I’ll be a student forever. Honestly though, I’m going to be in school until I’m thirty. I am currently attending Chatham University (an all-girl undergrad [woot woot]) for my MFA in poetry, and I intend to pursue a doctorate…in poetry. Wow! How fancy of me. This means that, in addition to all my other nerdy, alienating, pointless interests, I am also never going to make any money!

All jokes and self-loathing aside, I enjoy writing immensely; I hope the reviews/rants/essays I post reflect that. My interests are eclectic: I enjoy all three genres of creative writing (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), music, and video games. Well, that’s not so strange, you might say to yourself. Until you realize what kinds of books, albums, and games I’m interested in. And what might those kinds be? You’ll have to look and see 😉


I’m just a 24 year old slacker trying to make it in the big world. I got a lot of big dreams and not a lot of attention span. I live with an adorable dog, Rigby, that you might find floating around the top of the page…

I’ve recently been published in:
eFiction, 9/2011, Issue 18 (http://www.efictionmag.com/) ‘Kimberly Ann’
eFiction, 4/2012, Issue 25 ( http://www.efictionmag.com/) ‘Far From Home’

Completed Projects:
“Rough Cuts” as Head Writer at Waynesburg University, a sitcom
– First Episode can be found  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amTSCAvexX0


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