Ice Cold Killers

Hey Guys,

I’m going to change pace with you for a moment from our typical reviews whenever the hell we feel like it atmosphere, and talk a little about a side project I cooked up about a month ago called Ice Cold Killers: The Serious Cases of Detective Rick Frost  . Here is the concept art I thought of to set the tone before I elaborate: 


So here’s the idea: L.A. Confidential meets Magical Christmas Wonderment, sans Christmas. In a world populated by snowmen, how would they react to a serial melter running around? I want to create a comic series to show the world just how that shit would play out, so I submitted this idea to Indiegogo in order to try and raise some funds to get some real electronic drawing gear to set up shop. Now, things have gone really well, in the first 15 days of the project being up we rushed to about 50%, and now we’re hanging around just above the 60% mark with less than 10 days to go. I realized a little too soon what part of the problem was in the sudden drop off: Indiegogo recently changed their layout and a little design flaw made it almost impossible to find the project as it entered the limbo from “Fresh this week” to “Final Countdown,” so I would like to call on the nice folks who follow this blog to help me out and spread the link for this project, to see if we can’t just sneak the rest of the funding in while the clock is still ticking!

WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU? Spreading the word is an amazing thing to do, because you really have no reason to do it for some asshole sitting on the other end of a keyboard asking for help, but I want to have a way to thank the people spreading the word. So, if you spread the link, give people your email to give me or email me yourself (at )to let me know that they are contributing, so that when I see their contribution come through, I can hook you up with a PDF copy of the pilot comic once it’s fully colored and ready to go. What the hell’s a pilot comic? Think of it like a pilot for a TV series, except with this issue I will be emailing everyone who received a copy to weigh in on what they think so far, and what they would like to see moving forward. It’s a cool way to keep everyone involved int he great project they are helping me bring together! Plus there are plenty of images from the pilot up online for you to see before you contribute! 

Thanks for reading, and please check out Ice Cold Killers on indiegogo to spread the word and support this project! In case you missed the link it is in bluuueeeeee!


About nevets107

I'm a small time writer from Pennsylvania, part time pizza shop manager, part time freelance percussion score fixer. Currently living a studio apartment with The Rigby who doesn't understand his tail isn't another person.
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