“I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.” or The Lego Movie

hr_The_LEGO_Movie_10The Lego Movie has something for everyone, and for me that means off the wall goofy comedy. Not campy goofy, mind you, I mean honest to goodness just screw ball stuff. If I had any doubt that the movie was an all ages draw, all I had to do was look around the theater at the random middle aged lonely dudes and ladies in between the families! And of course there was me and my crew, but we’re another sub culture altogether.

So visually the movie is amazing, it looks like it’s made out of actual Legos, even the stuff in the distance. The water is Lego pellets (Until they go underwater, but let’s not split hairs here) and the explosions are all animated with Lego bits, even the smoke! If you have seen the Lego versions of Star Wars or Marvel superheros you know that previously in Lego movies it was kind of “whatever we felt like” was made out of Legos. When I say it looked like it was all made out of Legos, by the way, I don’t mean it looked like it was made out of CGI Legos, I mean it looks liek every thing was made out of LEGO Legos. I really can’t tell if it was somputer animated or stop motion, it just blows my mind. There are sections in the movie, not to spoil anything, that transition between the real world, the Lego World, and the stop motion and freeze frame devices work so perfectly. When the movie pauses on the action, instead of Legos free floating like they have the whole movie, suddenly they are propped up on little clear plastic bits like a model set. The creators of the movie really put loving care into the ideas behind this movie and brought it out so well.

You can really tell that tv's analog!

You can really tell that tv’s analog!

Let’s talk voice acting, my favorite fucking thing in the world. This movie has such a crazy assortment of actors that the characters stand out as individuals among the thousand of other Lego figures in the movie. There’s Will Arnett as Batman, which is phenomenal and will make you wet your pants ever time he delivers a line, Allison Brie from Community, Jonah Hill as an awkward Green Lantern, Will Ferrell and of course Morgan Freeman, who calls his own voice “Sweet Molasses.” The dynamic between the cast will have you chuckling more often than not. Charlie Day voices a spaceman who only wants to build a FREAKING SPACESHIP the whole movie, and delivers the pain and frustration with eloquence. Also Liam Neeson plays a psychopath cop with two faces, literally, and a vendetta against chairs. He. Hates. Them.

Green Lantern just really wants to be buddies with Superman.

Green Lantern just really wants to be buddies with Superman.

The story is cute, and I’m not afraid to say it. There’s a whole meta-narrative going on that I won’t ruin for you, because it’s a pretty big plot twist (Kinda) and it’s a lot better if you don’t see it coming. The commercials do a good job of not ruining the story, which is always great to see. Without revealing too much about it, the whole thing is about these creative types, the Master Builders, being hunted down by Lord Business who wants everyone to follow the instruction manuals while the Master Builders just want to build fun shit 24/7. It’s a cute little retelling of the rule breakers vs. the rule makers, and it’s fun. You don’t feel like you’re being taught some huge life lesson at the end of it, you just feel a little lighter hearted.

space man

Go see this movie if you want a nice break from the over-the-top stupid comedies (Which I love, I’m not knocking them) the overly action-packed action movies with actors that should be retired by now, or the dreadful rom-coms that are coming out this time of year. It’s worth the matinee price, for sure.

Especially if you have billionaire playboy money.

Especially if you have billionaire playboy money.

As a side note, I saw it in 3D, and it was okay, but the 3D wasn’t really needed to enjoy the movie. Perfectly fine to see in 2d!




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