A New Day

I am sick and tired of seeing nothing but biased reviews on video games from the major sources- so while I may not be the fastest as reviewing games, I want to make a promise for anyone who cares to read my reviews: I am going to do my best to remain unbiased and give a review that will actually HELP you decide if you want a game. I like to think that I haven’t been biased up to this point, but I do know that I haven’t been very faithful in posting. Well- I got a PS4, and most of the games that came out- so fuck it, I’m going to kick this bitch into overtime.

First up- Assiasian’ Creed, Black Flag
Then- Pokemon X-Y
Then eventually- Killzone- Shadowfall, Battlefeild 4, and Call of Duty Ghosts.

Spoiler alert- if you get any of these games, don’t pick CoD, it is by far the weakest of the entries- but more on that later.


About nevets107

I'm a small time writer from Pennsylvania, part time pizza shop manager, part time freelance percussion score fixer. Currently living a studio apartment with The Rigby who doesn't understand his tail isn't another person.
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