Dr. Scholl’s Active Series for Men

So recently i got the honor of finally receiving a VoxBox from Influenster, which I have been trying to get for about a year with little success. This box was a great surprise because I had recently started to try and get back in shape by doing a little running, and a lot of walking, as most video game enthusiasts probably find themselves doing when they try to run. The product in the box was Dr. Scholl’s Active Series for Men replacement insole. 

If you are looking for a comfortable insole, look no further, because this is the real deal. The heel is nice and cupped so you don’t go sliding around in your shoe, so you don’t waste energy, and the arch support is KILLER. It looks a little uncomfortable at first, because it’s a hard piece of plastic, but it make you feel liek you’re walking on a cloud. My only two complaints for this product are that 1. The arch support is the first thing to wear out, especially if you’re chubby like myself, so be sure to follow through with your steps because flat footed running is going to turn these into limp noodles. 2. The ball of the foot goes largely un-cushioned. As you can see in the image there is some cushioning with the teal colored rubber, but with the arch support redistributing your weight over your foot, there should be a bit more to ease the shock. While the majority of my foot felt better after running in these shoes, the balls of my feet have become a bit abused compared to no insole at all. Still, it’s much better than running on no insole at all! 

I give these a 9/10 


About nevets107

I'm a small time writer from Pennsylvania, part time pizza shop manager, part time freelance percussion score fixer. Currently living a studio apartment with The Rigby who doesn't understand his tail isn't another person.
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